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A Tale of Two Lanterns dw99m

Posted Wednesday March 14th, 2011 - 5:23pm

Recently, I was contracted to design a set of promotional materials for a new exhibit featuring Magic Lanterns and the historical value of the slides they project for the C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology located on the Hayward campus of my old college - California State University East Bay. It was an eye-opening experience in a lot of ways and has prepared me for future freelance contract and or studio work in ways that classroom lessons simply could not.

Overall, I was quite happy with how the project turned out and I look forward to the possibility of new contracts from the campus in the future. Design-wise, most of the visual assets were provided by the campus' Anthropology Department and I was tasked with combining the provided elements into a set of visually unified designs. All told, the set included a four page brochure, a medium-sized poster and a large horizontal banner design. You can see a sample of the brochure and the poster by clicking on the image to the right or check out the exhibit itself by checking out the museum's website.

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